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Visual Resources


Brand Colors. If you go for this resource, you can easily achieve the look, especially the colors, of the famous brands.
Palette for Chrome.This enables web designers to create a color palette extracted from any image.
Adobe Color CC. This gives you color combinations that have been created by the Kuler community.
Coolors: A really great color scheme generator that works very fast.
Skala Color: A great add-on for Mac users that want a robust color picker
Adaptive Backgrounds. If you have this resource, you can easily extract and copy dominant colors from the images that you have.
Paletton. Coming up with your website’s own color scheme will be a lot easier with Paletton.
0 to 255. Find lighter and darker choices for your favorite colors
Colllor. Useful color palettes generator.


Colorful Gradients. This is another must-have because you can effortlessly have color gradients that are generated automatically by a computer.
uiGradients. ​A full screen view to test various gradient. ​You can easily download a .jpg file for your favorites


Unsplash. Again, this is another stock photo website that enables you to use its high resolution stock images. For every 10 days, you can download 10 new photos.
Pexels. Without question, Pexels has the best free photos in one place-from summer, business, abstract, sunset, art, black-and-white, car, building, people, vintage, technology, street city, nature, and many more, you can surely find an image that you can use for the website that you are working on.
Pixabay. This is another website where you can get free high-quality images.
Stock Up. This is one of the best stock photo websites that offer a wide range of appealing images.
All the Free Stock. This website offers not only free stock images and videos, but music and icons as well. As this website is also listed under the Creative Commons Zero license, you are free to use its photos even for commercial purposes, even without spending a single centavo.
Splashbase. Finding the photo that you need and discovering other high resolution images and videos are all possible with this website. They are free, too.
Startup Stock Photos. You can easily start something and go with the free photos that you find in this website.
Jay Mantri. Apart from being free, you can do anything that you wish to do with the downloaded pics from Jay Mantri. With its high resolution photographs and a little imagination, creating magical images is a breeze.
Moveast. There is no need for you to worry about using photos from this website for free as this is about the journey of a Portuguese man traveling East, who believes that every photo on the Internet should be used by anybody without any cost at all.
Stokpic. If the other mentioned stock photography websites cannot give you the photos that you are looking for, you might just find it here. They’re totally free, as well.
Kaboompics. Without question, this is the best way to download free photos that are absolutely stunning.
Function. This website offers free photo packs.
MMT. This website offers some of the most impressive free stock photos on the Internet as the photographs are taken by Jeffrey Betts.
Travel Coffee Book. This website abounds with high resolution images taken from travels around the world. Yes, they are for free, too.
Designers Pics. You can easily find engaging photographs here, whether for your personal or business use.
Death to the Stock Photo. This website sends you great images every month for free.
Foodie’s Feed. Working on a food-related business website? Foodie’s Feed has a lot of high resolution food pictures that you can use and make your website users salivate.
Mazwai. High definition video clips and footages are available for free in this website.
Jéshoots. If you want to avail of new and modern photos for free, this is the ideal stock photography website for you.
Super Famous. This stock photography website features the works of Folkert Gorter, a Dutch interaction designer.
Picography. This website, likewise, features free hi-resolution photographs.
Little Visuals. You can get 7 hi-res photos in your inbox every week. That’s one new high-resolution photo every day.
Splitshire. Mouth-watering free stock photos.
New Old Stock. If you want to use vintage photos from the public archives, check out this site.
Picjumbo. This is another site where you can download completely free photos.
Life of Pix. The photos from this website are not only for free; they are high resolution, too.
Gratisography: If you can’t find the free high-resolution photos that you want, this website might just have it.
Getrefe. More free photos that might just be of big help to the design that you are working on.
IM Free. This website boasts of a curated collection of free photograph resources.
Cupcake. This is, without question, a photographer’s treat, specifically by Jonas Nilsson Lee.
The Pattern Library. If you are looking for free patterns for your projects, this is the website worth checking.
Public Domain Archive. This website offers new 100% free stock photos.
ISO Republic. This stock photography site offers high-quality photos that are for free.
Paul Jarvis. Paul does not just give you valuable tips on design, but his site also teems with a lot of high-resolution photos which you can use for free.
Bucketlistly. This website offers a wide array of travel photos that can surely make your web design more visually appealing.
Magdeleine. You can get a free high-resolution photograph every day.
Snapographic. You can pick from a wide array of photos featured in this website and use your choices either for personal or business use. Free stock photos for personal & commercial use.


Font Squirrel. This offers 100% free commercial fonts.
FontFaceNinja. This browser extension enables you to find what type of web font a particular site uses.
Google Fonts. This is a free and open-source fonts that are optimized for the web.
DaFont: This site houses fully downloadable fonts that are for free.
1001 Free Fonts. This site has a wide selection of free fonts that can make the website that you are working on more user-friendly and visually appealing.
FontPark. Without question, this is the web’s largest collection of free fonts.
Font-to-width. This source contains fit pieces of texts that are neatly within their containers.