Add a Logo or Branded Watermark To Any Image

Social media and modern digital tools make it easier than ever before to save, modify, crop, and share images. With that, adding a logo to your photos prior to sharing them online has its advantages. Not only does it help associate your work with your brand, but it offers additional protection from others ‘borrowing’ your content for their own purposes. As you can see below, RELAY offers a variety of ways to add a watermark to your images. The best part is that you can mix and match elements to offer various levels of protection or visual aesthetics.

 showcase image

Alternatives to distracting branding

The choice of whether to watermark or not often comes down to what you’re hoping to accomplish. Sometimes adding a large logo on top of your image can be distracting and can diminish the aesthetics of your design. However, there are countless examples in which a graphic has gone viral and the original owner wishes they would have added some sort of identifying branding. If you don’t want to add a large logo, even a discreet attribution or website url typed in the lower corner is better than nothing.

Create a Branded Watermark in a few easy steps

  1. Log in to RELAY and select "Watermarker" from the layout filter menu or click the button below.
  2. Customize any mood board template by uploading photos, patterns or texture images that you’d like to include.
  3. Add a logo, and change the fonts and colors to match your brand.
  4. Download the final graphic and upload anywhere online.

A few words about copyrights

It’s worth mentioning that adding a logo or watermarking your work won’t completely protect you from others using them. Images can still be digitally cropped or manipulated. But the extra step might make it less appealing to those who want to claim it as their own. If you have a photo that you would like to use in your design contact the photographer and ask them if they would allow you to use it in exchange for an attribution credit. You’ll likely be surprised that they’re often flattered and more than willing to grant you usage rights.

Add a Logo or Branded Watermark To Any Image