Design Promotional Graphics For Books and Magazines

Whether you’re launching your first book, are promoting a new issue of your magazine, or have added several best sellers to your name, you probably already know the importance of eye-catching cover art. An attractive cover can draw someone in and encourage them to buy on the spot. But breaking through the noise is still challenging, which is why you need to extend your reach with digital images that match. RELAY is the easiest way to create all of your promotional book graphics in one place without any design skills required.

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Book quote graphics are a no-brainer

You’ve already done all the hard work of writing your book so why not put all of those words to good use. One of the most underutilized techniques in the publishing industry is to pull your best quotes from your book and turn them into enticing visual content. These are similar to how movie trailers work in the sense that the reader is drawn into your quote graphics and can’t help themselves to read the whole book.

Create a Book Promotional Graphic in a few easy steps

  1. Log in to RELAY and select "Book Promo" from the layout filter menu or click the button below.
  2. Customize any mood board template by uploading photos, patterns or texture images that you’d like to include.
  3. Add a logo, and change the fonts and colors to match your brand.
  4. Download the final graphic and upload anywhere online.

A little perspective never hurts

When you receive the final graphics for your book cover be sure to request a 3D mockup version in a .png format. You can drag and drop these angled perspective book images right into RELAY to add an even better professional look to your final graphics. You can even use the cover art as a subtle background texture and overlay the full graphic in front. There are hundreds of choices in our template library to choose from so you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit!

Design Promotional Graphics For Books and Magazines