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On a mission to save the world from design frustration.

RelayThat completely takes the guesswork out of design creation to empower anyone to deliver professional results without endless hours of tweaking. Not only is it perfect for non-designers who have zero understanding of design concepts, but it also helps experienced professionals to eliminate mundane tasks and save a ton of time! 

A simple idea with big impact.

RelayThat was born out a simple need for the founder Craig Carpenter while he was interviewing entrepreneurs for his podcast. Even though he had spent most of his career creating 3d animation and graphic design for major brands he became frustrated with all the redundant tasks needed to build and reformat images for multiple social media and blog channels.

What started as a powerful batch processing tool that leveraged spreadsheets and variable data has grown into a full fledged content management system with intuitive drag ad drop controls. This perfect balance of art, tech and productivity is shaping the future of design as we know it.

RelayThat instantly adapts to any industry & brand!

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